Valeria ArtLab presents New Artists!

TLB_6861Valeria ArtLab now proudly presents a project “New Artists“. This project is about teaching, growing and promoting new people who want to become an artist, grow their skills, and to come draw and paint with Valeria ArtLab.

Why people want to become artists?


– they wants to have an extra job and money;

– they want to get new knowledge and skills;

– they want to have new opportunities in their lives;

– they want to be famous and recognizable;

– they always wanted to be able to draw and it never happened in their life before or/and they often think they could be if somebody taught them;

– they want to have one more source of joy and fun!

Why the best way to become an artist is to do it with Valeria ArtLab?


– we help our students to get rid of the fear to start drawing, of such sort of beliefs like “I cannot do that”, “I will never be able to draw this!”

– we have great experienced artists, teachers, and good examples of people who have never been drawing and became artists;

– the teaching is based on Betty Edwards’s (an American art teacher and author of her book, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”) theory and methods that state any person can get drawing skills like any other skills (for ex. writing with a pen) if to develop the right side of the brain, and unique Valeria Barnhill’s system, which is based on revelations of certain abilities and preferences, and is individual for each student;

– teaching is giving not only knowledge and practice of drawing and painting, but also knowledge of how to sell your artworks;

Valeria ArtLab promotes its students and future artists;

Valeria ArtLab helps to sell copies and prints of original artworks of the students;

– students are always welcome to join our community and Valeria ArtLab team and privileged to participate art shows and exhibitions!

– you automatically became a member of the project “New Artists” and have all privileges of advertising and promotion actions, comparable to other artists.

– you’ll get a car door magnet with YOUR name and YOUR artwork on it!

Who can became an artist with Valeria ArtLab?

Kids and adults, everybody who is purposeful, persevering, responsible and goal-oriented person.

If you still not sure YOU CAN DO IT, contact us and we will be glad to prove YOU CAN!

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