Valeria ArtLab currently has a few projects.

1. “New Artists” is about teaching, growing and promotion new people who want to learn art, get skills, come to draw and paint with Valeria ArtLab. Please read about “New Artists” project here.

2. Russians For Americans“© is a Valeria Barnhill’s cultural project of discovering and learning such great and “unknown” country like Russia, the project of giving and sharing: information, history facts, art, culture values and tradition of Russia. Russian people want Americans to know their country, understand them and be closer to each other. No matter what politicians do, people want to know each other better. This project is out of politics.

Past exhibitions and shows:

1. Exhibition “Russian Orthodox Icon” – February 2015, where people can see Orthodox icons from private collections and Churches.  

2. Art show of Russian drawing “I Love Russia” – October 2014. Children are drawing Russia and showing to Americans what they love about their country.

3. “Russian Souvenir”  – December 2014, the exhibition of Russian souvenirs.

Description of the project and how to be a member of this community and participate in project actions will be available soon on this website. Right now there is a FB page with the same name “Russians For Americans” ,  you can join us if you want to know more about Russia and follow the news.

Also you can learn Russian language with us.

3. Valeria ArtLab is also in philanthropic project “Children International”. When you buy Valeria ArtLab artwork you help this organization to provide food, medicare and necessary supplies to kids around the world and their families. Please visit Children International website or if you like art please visit Valeria ArtLab online ETSY shop to choose something you like and it will help children to provide more money for living. We appreciate your help!

4.Rescue Art”  is Valeria ArtLab’s project of saving original pieces of fine art and giving them a new life and a new home. We “wash and brush” abandoned and unwanted paintings, framing them and sell them at fairs and art shows. You can find sometimes an artwork of famous artists and you won’t have to pay for that too much. The highest price of such “rescued” art is no more than $200, but usually it’s around $50.

If you have an original art piece at home and don’t know what to do with it, please donate it to the project “Rescue Art” for people who love and appreciate Art. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us.


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