Houses where jewelry live…

Order an original and unique jewelry display, to organize and save space in your room. Look what I have for you today. These houses are waiting for their occupants!

1. The Yellow House. It has 15 hooks for earrings, 10 hooks for necklaces, 1 shelf for bracelets and watches and 15 boxes for rings and brooches! Size is just 12″ x 12″ x 1 and 6/8″!


2. The Vintage House. It has hooks for 30 pairs of earrings, 14 hooks for necklaces or bracelets and 35 nests for rings or brooches!  All your jewelry can live under one roof and save space. Only 11″ x 17″ x 1 2/8″ on the wall in your bedroom! 

3. Holland houses. The necklace and bracelet organizer is a very beautiful decoration for your bedroom wall, and has 11 hooks to display your jewelry. Size 17″ x 4,5″. 

Call to buy or order (903) 484-4777.

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