Beautiful Flowers For Your Mom

Valeria ArtLab Floral ArrangementsHi, everybody,

I am just about to remind you that Mother’s Day is coming very soon, and suggest you to order fresh flowers and floral arrangements at Valeria ArtLab.

If you ordered flowers from Valeria ArtLab before, you probably will be happy to know that the prices on my bouquets and arrangements are still the same, they starts from $15 and no more than $35 for a big beautiful bouquet. 
See examples of my fresh floral arrangements for any occasion.

Also, I have many interesting things at my gallery, like artworks, jewelry, hand made greeting cards, souvenirs, fashion accessories, hand painted shoes and purses, that can make the gift for your Mom original and unique, because Valeria ArtLab is the place where masterpieces come into being.

Sincerely yours,

Valeria Barnhill
Valeria ArtLab
8362 Paluxy Dr.,
Tyler, TX


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