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  1. Thank you, Bobbye, for your interest to the art lessons.
    I would recommend to take a training first “How to become an artist”, it’s all about quality and how to create your first artwork (if you don’t have any yet). It takes 3 Saturdays and during 2 weeks you are welcome any time for questions and help. If you have artworks already, and don’t want to start from the training, then I can suggest to take other lessons for the subjects you need or prefer, and I would like to know more about your wish and needs, what you like to paint or draw, to recommend lessons for you, because I make lessons individually for each student giving them particular those lessons they need to save their time and money. Would be great if you come next week to the studio (8362 Paluxy Drive, Tyler TX) for more information to be sure to get registered for Saturday, January 4, 2014, as I start a new training at 1 pm. I will post the schedule for January tomorrow.
    Thank you.

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