Our Students Are Winners

Congratulations to Rachel Upshaw,  Rayleigh Upshaw and Eva Malevanskaya, who participated in the 2014 Academic Rodeo Art competition and won! They are all students of Whitehouse Cain Elementary School and New Artists at Valeria ArtLab studio. They took Valeria Barnhill’s art class “How to Become an Artist“© in October 2013.

The girls have made amazing quality artworks and these artworks will be presented at the East Texas State Fair untill February 6, 2014. Continue reading


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Art Classes and Lessons. Schedule for January 2014

January 2014

January 4, 2014          10 a.m.  Lesson – Proportions (face and body).

                                     1 p.m.  “How to become an artist”©, Valeria Barnhill’s two                                                             weeks (3 Saturdays) training. First Saturday training.                                                             Class #3 (January 4-18).

January 11, 2014         10 a.m.  Lesson – Drawing with ink pens.

                                      1 p.m.  “How to become an artist”©, Valeria Barnhill’s two                                                               weeks (3 Saturdays) training. Second Saturday training.                                                         Class #3 (January 4-18). Continue reading

Art Classes and Lessons Schedule


December 2013

December 7, 2013       10 a.m.  How to become an artist”©, Valeria Barnhill’s two                                                              weeks (3 Saturdays) training. First Saturday training.                                                              Class #2 (November 9 – 23d).

December 14, 2013     10 a.m.  How to become an artist”©, Valeria Barnhill’s two                                                              weeks (3 Saturdays) training. Second Saturday training.                                                        Class #2 (November 9 – 23d). Continue reading

Zal Camara

Valeria ArtLab presents New Artists. Media print from Zal Camara's original painting.Zal Camara is another “New Artist” with Valeria ArtLab. He is a TJC student, likes sports and activities like basketball, swimming, soccer and hiking. He is working most of his spare time and keeps himself busy.

Zal said he wanted to draw all his life, but couldn’t realize that he could be able to draw something that would be recognizable on paper. He was always scared to take a pen and draw something, usually saying, “No, I never can draw it!” Continue reading

Eva Malevanskaya

Eva MalevanskayaEva Malevanskaya is 11 years old happy girl, who is very smart, creative and likes to learn everything! She is in GT class of her school and participates in different projects like art shows, writing and fashion show. She took second and third place designing her poncho. Eva likes to draw and paint. Her artworks are always colorful and amazing! She is learning art with Valeria ArtLab and selling the prints of her original artworks. She also likes to make jewelry and write good stories. Continue reading

Valeria ArtLab presents New Artists!

TLB_6861Valeria ArtLab now proudly presents a project “New Artists“. This project is about teaching, growing and promoting new people who want to become an artist, grow their skills, and to come draw and paint with Valeria ArtLab.

Why people want to become artists? Continue reading