Art Contest “Space Junk Problem”

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We invite children to participate in the International Art Contest “Space Junk Problem”!

The Children’s Center “Strekoza” (Ryazan) and the project City of the Future, together with the Art Gallery-studio Valeria ArtLab (Tyler, Texas, USA) and the cultural project “Russians For Americans” hold a children art contest “Space Junk Problem”. The competition is dedicated to the 160th anniversary of K.E. Tsiolkovsky. Children from any country up to 15 years of age can participate.

Art Contest “Space Junk Problem” is also dedicated to the strengthening of Russian-American relations, and takes place within the framework of the Russian project The City of the Future and the Russians For Americans. The task of the contest is to unite in effort to strengthen relations between our countries by involving children from both countries in the artistic process, giving them the opportunity to fantasize, express themselves artistically and participate in solving common problems while drawing public attention to the problem. Everyone knows that Russia and America are countries that have made a huge contribution to the exploration and development of outer space, and the 160th anniversary of the birth of K. Tsiolkovsky, whose contribution gave a powerful leap in the understanding of space, served as an idea for the creation of this contest. Tsiolkovsky was born in the Ryazan region and gave a lot of time to his studies in Ryazan, so it was the city of Ryazan that served as the starting point for the beginning of our international children’s art competition. The first wave of the contest was already started in the spring of 2017 in Ryazan under the wing of the project “The City of the Future”, in the Children’s Center “Strekoza”, where the drawings of Ryazan schoolchildren were shown. The project is gaining momentum, showing interest and relevance of the topic, and continues now as the second wave in the US, where, with an increasing number of participants, children’s works from all over the world will be shown in the gallery-studio Valeria ArtLab within 2 months, then the exposition will go to Russia, Ryazan, and will be available to a wide audience for the show in the children’s center “Strekoza”. Continue reading

Artist Irina Frolovskaya in Valeria ArtLab

From August 27th Valeria ArtLab invites you to see beautiful watercolors of Russian artist Irina Frolovskaya. Irina is inspired with new places she visits, flowers, theater and beauty of our Earth. She is working mostly with watercolors, but also uses acrylics and oil sometimes.

Valeria ArtLab is proud to host the artist’s debut in the United States and happy to introduce Texans her artworks. All paintings are for sale, prices are from $120 to $250.

Hours we are open: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Summer Activities

Valeria ArtLab invites you and your kids for summer activities at our art studio. We shall paint, craft, scrapbook, sculpt and do many more fun projects.

Classes start at 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. You child can participate up to 5 hours, once or twice a week, or each day. The price for 1 hour is $15, however, recommended attendance is 2 hours to finish the project and take your art work home.

We have a package deal and special deals for everyone who is interested to spend summer school break in a creative environment, 100% fun, guaranteed! Continue reading

Calling for artists to Artists’ Week at Valeria ArtLab!


This is your chance to shine because you have a huge offer! Valeria ArtLab is inviting artists to show off their brilliant work  for free! It lasts an entire week for you to demonstrate and sell your masterpieces!


This offer is for artists, jewelers, fashion designers, sculptors, etc., but that doesn’t mean anyone else can’t get involved! Do you know an artist that you would like to share this with? Do you want to check out a friend’s artwork? Either way, come by, but don’t forget to invite others! Continue reading

Holly Izard at Valeria ArtLab

Holly Izard at Valeria ArtLabHolly Izard resides in East Texas. She is a wife, mother, graphic designer, photographer and artist. She participates in local art walks and gallery exhibits. Holly is drawn to nature and textures, and it shows in her work.

Here is what Holly says:
“My goal as an artist is to help others see everyday objects in a different way. Finding beauty in the mundane is my specialty. I am fascinated with nature, rust and interesting textures. Creating art makes me feel alive… invigorated. Continue reading

Painting “Flowers”


This gallery contains 14 photos.

      Painting flowers is the one of the most fascinating process in art and one of the most favorite my students’ lesson. Who does not love flowers? Even boys and men find this process very exciting. In this … Continue reading

Quality Lesson. How to paint with acrylics.

Eva Malevanskaya, "Under Mom's Wing", acrylic on canvas,12x12

Eva Malevanskaya, “Under Mom’s Wing”, acrylic on canvas,12×12

Before starting the art classes and taking lessons, I recommend to begin with the quality lesson. Why is it important for beginners? No matter how good your abilities for drawing are, and how hard you are working on your painting, if your artwork has no quality, you will feel uncomfortable to show it to somebody, won’t be able to exhibit or sell it, your artwork will look always like unfinished, and you will be disappointed.

In this lesson you will find out: Continue reading

Art Classes. May, 2014 schedule.

May 2014

May 3, 2014           10 a.m.  Lesson – Expressions (face and body).

May 10, 2014         10 a.m.  Lesson – 6×6 canvas painting.

                                1 p.m.  “How to become an artist”©, Valeria Barnhill’s two                                                             weeks (3 Saturdays) training. First Saturday training.                                                            Continue reading