Zal Camara

Valeria ArtLab presents New Artists. Media print from Zal Camara's original painting.Zal Camara is another “New Artist” with Valeria ArtLab. He is a TJC student, likes sports and activities like basketball, swimming, soccer and hiking. He is working most of his spare time and keeps himself busy.

Zal said he wanted to draw all his life, but couldn’t realize that he could be able to draw something that would be recognizable on paper. He was always scared to take a pen and draw something, usually saying, “No, I never can draw it!”

He made a good choice by coming to Valeria ArtLab to try to paint. Zal wanted to have the ability to draw the human figure and faces. He knew he couldn’t do it, but he tried. And look at what a beautiful creation he made! With his amazing artwork, we helped him make incredible prints for sale. Also, he will soon get a car door magnet with his name on it.

Zal showed intention to continue painting, and his new masterpieces will appear on this page.

Zal Camara. The Preamble.“The Preamble”, Zal Camara’s original painting. Acrylic on canvas, ink. 11″x 14″. 2013.








Zal Camara, A Cat.“A Cat”, Zal Camara’s original drawing. Oil pastel on paper. 5″x 7″. 2013





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