Painting “Flowers”




Painting flowers is the one of the most fascinating process in art and one of the most favorite my students’ lesson. Who does not love flowers? Even boys and men find this process very exciting.

In this lesson you’ll learn:

– how to built a flower composition on the paper;

– what kind and what shape the flower compositions can be;

–¬†to create your own unique flower composition on canvas using acrylic paints;

– how and where to put light and shadows on your flowers, and why it is so.


After this lesson you will have your own unique piece of art, and you will be able to create any other flower paintings with acrylic paints.

Price – $55

We work 2-4 hours, please, be aware. This price is for the lesson, not for an hour!

Please, look the current Schedule.


Valeria ArtLab


8362 Paluxy Dr, Tyler, TX

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