Eva Malevanskaya

Eva MalevanskayaEva Malevanskaya is 11 years old happy girl, who is very smart, creative and likes to learn everything! She is in GT class of her school and participates in different projects like art shows, writing and fashion show. She took second and third place designing her poncho. Eva likes to draw and paint. Her artworks are always colorful and amazing! She is learning art with Valeria ArtLab and selling the prints of her original artworks. She also likes to make jewelry and write good stories.

This year Eva participated in 2 art shows, in Ben Wheeler Far-Out Fest and Downtown Tyler ArtWalk, and was noticed by reporters both times.

Eva is the first one who was in the Valeria ArtLab Project New Artists. Here is some of her artworks.

Eva Malevanskaya, Gladiator-Fish“Gladiator-Fish”, Eva Malevanskaya’s original painting. Acrylic on canvas, ink. 11″x14″. 2011.






Eva Malevanskaya "Friends"“Friends”, Eva Malevanskaya’s original painting. Acrylic on canvas. 8″x10″. 2010.








Eva Malevanskaya's drawing“Feline On The Rug”, Eva Malevanskaya’s original drawing on paper. Ink. 2010







Eva Malevanskaya  “The Bird Of The Peace World”, Eva Malevanskaya’s original drawing on paper. Ink. 9×12, 2013





Eva Malevanskaya. Sunny Day“Sunny Day”, Eva Malevanskaya’s original painting. Acrylic on canvas. 6″x 9″. 2012






Eva Malevanskaya, Owl“The Little Owl”, Eva Malevanskaya’s original painting. 8″ x 8″. Acrylic on canvas. 2013







The Boy Fairy, Eva Malevanskaya “The Boy Fairy”, Eva Malevanskaya’s original painting, 9″ x 12″, acrylic on canvas. 2013








Eva Malevanskaya, The Dance“The Dance”, Eva Malevanskaya’s original painting, watercolors on paper, ink. 11″x14″. 2012







If you like Eva Malevanskaya’s artworks, the prints are available, contact please Valeria ArtLab 

Eva’s latest artworks

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