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We invite children to participate in the International Art Contest “Space Junk Problem”!

The Children’s Center “Strekoza” (Ryazan) and the project City of the Future, together with the Art Gallery-studio Valeria ArtLab (Tyler, Texas, USA) and the cultural project “Russians For Americans” hold a children art contest “Space Junk Problem”. The competition is dedicated to the 160th anniversary of K.E. Tsiolkovsky. Children from any country up to 15 years of age can participate.

Art Contest “Space Junk Problem” is also dedicated to the strengthening of Russian-American relations, and takes place within the framework of the Russian project The City of the Future and the Russians For Americans. The task of the contest is to unite in effort to strengthen relations between our countries by involving children from both countries in the artistic process, giving them the opportunity to fantasize, express themselves artistically and participate in solving common problems while drawing public attention to the problem. Everyone knows that Russia and America are countries that have made a huge contribution to the exploration and development of outer space, and the 160th anniversary of the birth of K. Tsiolkovsky, whose contribution gave a powerful leap in the understanding of space, served as an idea for the creation of this contest. Tsiolkovsky was born in the Ryazan region and gave a lot of time to his studies in Ryazan, so it was the city of Ryazan that served as the starting point for the beginning of our international children’s art competition. The first wave of the contest was already started in the spring of 2017 in Ryazan under the wing of the project “The City of the Future”, in the Children’s Center “Strekoza”, where the drawings of Ryazan schoolchildren were shown. The project is gaining momentum, showing interest and relevance of the topic, and continues now as the second wave in the US, where, with an increasing number of participants, children’s works from all over the world will be shown in the gallery-studio Valeria ArtLab within 2 months, then the exposition will go to Russia, Ryazan, and will be available to a wide audience for the show in the children’s center “Strekoza”.


The beginning of acceptance of entries and artworks – August 2017

Completion of work acceptance – November 30, 2017

The work of the Jury is December 1-14, 2017

Summing up and naming a winner – December 15, 2017

Show of the artworks in Valeria ArtLab gallery – January 5 – March 31, 2018

Opening reception – January 5, 2018 at 17.30

Show of the artworks in the Children’s Center “Strekoza”- May 14 – July 13, 2018

(dates may vary, we will notify you about all changes).

Rules and conditions of participation.

Art contest Space Junk Problem is a competition of children’s art works on the theme of the same name. The problem of space (or orbital) debris has a wide international and global character. For a more vivid disclosure of the topic and the idea of the plot in the art work, we recommend that you get acquainted with information related to wastes in the near-Earth space and understand why the problem is so urgent, how it threatens to our planet and humanity, and what kind of work is being done to solve the problem now.

Who can participate

Any child of up to 15 years of age from any country of any nationality and religion can take part in the art contest. Since the project is primarily Russian-American, we invite and very much look forward to the participation of the American and Russian children living in other countries of the world, and their friends, citizens of other states, as well as kids from other foreign counries. We are looking forward to see Finland in the list of participating countries, as Finland is widely known with its green technologies that it successfully applied in the country and around the world, and with its care of environment.

The order of the competition.

The participant must:

– confirm participation by completing the Entry Form of the art contest, signed by the parent or legal representative of the contestant;

– pay entry fee*, the amount of $8 (see details for payment of entry fee);

– send the artwork, the Entry Form and the payment of entry fee proof (a copy of the payment receipt or cash receipt, screenshot) to the address: Valeria ArtLab, 8362 Paluxy Dr, Tyler, TX 75703 USA (see Guidelines for sending artwork).

You can participate with a few artworks to increase your chances of winning. Each work will be considered as an independent entry into the project.

After the deadline for accepting entries (see Dates), and receiving the artworks, the Jury selects the winners in the following categories:

– Winner of Russia;

– Winner of the United States;

– Winner from another country (one winner will be chosen, regardless of the number of participating countries);

– Honorable mention, from Russia;

– Honorable mention, from the USA;

– Honorable mention, from another country.

The Jury also determines the awards for the winners.


Winners will be awarded with cash prizes and gifts. Each participant will get a certificate of participation in the International Art contest.

Requirements for artworks.

A) The work must be original, made by the Space Junk Problem art contest participant. Photo and reproductions from the original work will not be accepted.

B) The work must be done on a canvas panels, on cardboard, on thick paper for watercolor or acrylic paint, in any 2D technique, and any materials (acrylics, gouache, watercolors, oil, art markers, charcoal). Canvases stretched on the wood will not be accepted.

C) The size of the artwork must not exceed 60” around the perimeter (i.e. 10”x20”, 15”x15”, etc., and must not be less than 30”.

D) The artwork must be without a frame.

E) The filled label with the name of the participant and the title of the artwork must be attached on the back side of the artwork with a thin tape, so that it is not visible from the front side, without creases and damage (if paper).

Recommendations for shipping artwork.

From Russia and other countries artwork must be sent in advance, so that the work has time to reach the deadline (November 30, 2017). It is better to put artworks on paper between 2 cardboards, the corners must be sealed with adhesive tape. Works on canvas panels are better to be fixed from corners. Also, all the work is preferably sent in an envelope, with a bubble wrap envelops, or bubble wrapped, then in paper. The request to parents: please find out in advance at the post office, what method of delivery is the fastest and affordable, and, according this information correct the dates of shipping your artwork.

To the all parents’ attention. The artworks of contestants will not be returned, so do not forget to take good pictures or reproductions from the works of your children, which will save you the memory of participating in this project for many years.

Entry Fee*.

  • Entry fee is $8. Please, make a check to Valeria ArtLab name, and send it to: Valeria ArtLab 8362 Paluxy Dr, Tyler, TX 75703
  • Pay online here
  •   PayPal

*Registration fee is paid once and is not refundable. It goes for the project’s expenses. Artworks will not be returned.

Please send the artwork in advance. The works sent after November 30 will be shown, but they will not be able to take part in the competition (see Recommendations on sending artwork).

The organizers reserve the right to use the works of the contestants to advertise and promote the project.

If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer. Just contact us  or call 903-4844777.

Please print the documents below.

Entry Form 

Label for your artwork 

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