My mission to represent Tyler City in France

My name is Valeria Barnhill, and as you may know, I have a few of my paintings on utility boxes in Tyler and an art studio by the name of Valeria ArtLab. I have been involved with many community art events, but it’s time to take it to the next step. Recognition of my art worldwide has won me a grant and a month-long workshop at Chateau d’Orquevaux in Champagne, France. The chateau is owned by the Artist-in-Residence program. This organization takes artists from all over the globe and invites them for a stay in one of their many international chateaus. 10-12 artists will reside in the chateau creating an intellectual and multicultural atmosphere. Only 4 months of stay is presented to a few handfuls of lucky and talented artists, and I am one of them! More than that, I was awarded to stay for a whole month, and you can’t imagine how excited and honored I am! The idea the creators of this project envisioned was the coming together of a handful of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and designers — more commonly known as artists — to work together in harmonic diversity to produce art, give each other ideas, and bond in a peaceful environment, and that’s exactly what I deeply desire to do. Continue reading

How Cats Saved The City

I was always wondering why I like cats so much..

I know a city in this world where cats play such a big role in its history. This city is Saint Petersburg, Russia. The city has a lot of art, sculptures and stories about, and dedicated to cats. I want to tell you one story, the best one in my opinion.  Continue reading

“Origins” Exhibit at Gallery Main Street

Welcome to celebrate the opening of Gallery Main Street’s (Tyler, TX) first exhibit for 2018, “Origins” on Saturday, Jan. 13 from 5:30-8 p.m. This free event will feature the opportunity to meet many of the artists and be among the first to see and purchase pieces from this new exhibit!

The following Artists who will be featured in the “Origins” exhibit:  Continue reading

After-school Art Program for children

After-school art program for children starts at 3:40-4:00 p.m. and lasts till 6:30. in Valeria ArtLab studio in Tyler, TX.
In small groups we are practicing painting, crafting, making jewelry and gifts for holidays, greeting cards, and doing other creative things. Also, we have time for homework and play with our beautiful bunnies. All children can participate in outer school projects including international, have a chance to exhibit their work and even to sell it. Also they will have a free photo session with bunnies.
Valeria ArtLab provides all materials for kids art classes, and also bottled water and snacks for children.
Payment options:
You can pay for any day of attendance, or you can save choosing payment for 5 day attendance, if you even decided to participate once a week.
Parents are welcome to come by before signup.

Please register your spot here 

Address: Valeria ArtLab, 8362 Paluxy Dr, Tyler, TX 75703

Phone: (903)-4844777

Below you can see some children’s artworks and projects. Continue reading

Artist Irina Frolovskaya in Valeria ArtLab

From August 27th Valeria ArtLab invites you to see beautiful watercolors of Russian artist Irina Frolovskaya. Irina is inspired with new places she visits, flowers, theater and beauty of our Earth. She is working mostly with watercolors, but also uses acrylics and oil sometimes.

Valeria ArtLab is proud to host the artist’s debut in the United States and happy to introduce Texans her artworks. All paintings are for sale, prices are from $120 to $250.

Hours we are open: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Summer Activities

Valeria ArtLab invites you and your kids for summer activities at our art studio. We shall paint, craft, scrapbook, sculpt and do many more fun projects.

Classes start at 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. You child can participate up to 5 hours, once or twice a week, or each day. The price for 1 hour is $15, however, recommended attendance is 2 hours to finish the project and take your art work home.

We have a package deal and special deals for everyone who is interested to spend summer school break in a creative environment, 100% fun, guaranteed! Continue reading

Calling for artists to Artists’ Week at Valeria ArtLab!


This is your chance to shine because you have a huge offer! Valeria ArtLab is inviting artists to show off their brilliant work  for free! It lasts an entire week for you to demonstrate and sell your masterpieces!


This offer is for artists, jewelers, fashion designers, sculptors, etc., but that doesn’t mean anyone else can’t get involved! Do you know an artist that you would like to share this with? Do you want to check out a friend’s artwork? Either way, come by, but don’t forget to invite others! Continue reading

Holly Izard at Valeria ArtLab

Holly Izard at Valeria ArtLabHolly Izard resides in East Texas. She is a wife, mother, graphic designer, photographer and artist. She participates in local art walks and gallery exhibits. Holly is drawn to nature and textures, and it shows in her work.

Here is what Holly says:
“My goal as an artist is to help others see everyday objects in a different way. Finding beauty in the mundane is my specialty. I am fascinated with nature, rust and interesting textures. Creating art makes me feel alive… invigorated. Continue reading